What to wear in autumn 2019?

Fall fashion 2012 this year is full of colors and new hot trends. Let’s see what is fashionable this fall? Trends, fashion colors and all the most fashionable current in this article:)

What to wear in autumn 2019?

So, go through the most important trends this fall…

Still hear the “last echoes of the” summer trends – candy, pastel colors. Which to replace gradually the actual bright yellow and mustard color.

100% fashion hit this season is a wine color (wine red).

It is a beautiful rich Burgundy color is the most fashionable trend of this season.

Another current fashion trend this fall is a combination of skirt or dress+pants. You heard right, exactly. Now it’s trendy and here is how I propose to wear this fashion trend leading designers:

Still not losing ground already consistently fall trend is military.

Again, the actual velveteen, especially the wine color.

So, it’s simple fashionable this fall. If you choose clothing, wine, mustard flowers and wear a skirt over pants – then you are in the trend:)

And finally a few images from the fashion catwalks and fashion bloggers

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