Weddings in the Greek style

My new article I decided to devote weddings in the Greek style.

In preparing this material, I “studied” a lot of blogs, looked through hundreds of photos from various sites and chose some of the best decorations and weddings in the Greek style.

So, let’s start with the introduction and immerse yourself in this fantastic atmosphere from the preparation until the ceremony.

The story of the first. Wedding in Athens. Assal and Kenny.

About a year before their wedding, the couple that lives in London has already started to think

about the ceremony abroad.

After they have studied a variety of options, their choice was to Greece, because here

not only is the climate stunning, but great atmosphere, beautiful scenery.

The ceremony took place on the island, which is located in the southern part of Athens, where stretches

the gold coast is known as the Athenian Riviera.

So now, on the day of the ceremony. The bride was dressed in a dazzling strapless dress.

The groom was dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt. So, it was decided to perform a wedding in pale blue

the colors, the bridesmaids wore dresses the color of the sky.

As for decor, there was used the white chiffon curtains, hanging glass lanterns,

roses, orchids and hydrangeas.

Also all pleased with the location of the Banquet table, because from any point had a view of the sea.

Enjoy the photos.

History of the second. Wedding in Santorini. Mary and Eugene.

The wedding happened in two styles, the couple decided to combine Greek

and the Russian culture. The ceremony was in both Russian and Greek languages.

So, the bride in a stunning dress from Vera Wang is included in the chapel after the ceremony

newlyweds traditionally showered with rice.

To the Church and to the celebration itself, already a husband and wife driving convertible Beetle.

Mary and Eugene were like 40-50 years, so the focus in the design of the wedding were done on retro style.

The cake was made in the form of three pillows.

Now the photo.

The third story. Wedding in Athens. Vicki and Nico.

After their first date in Brooklyn, they enjoyed a great period of Dating

and courtship. And so, time passed and Niko invited Vicki to marry him.

Given the fact that their wedding was on December, Vicki chose a wedding in Burgundy clearance

and gown – pinkish-cream color from Vera Wang.


Five-month-old son of the newlyweds.

That’s all! Hope You like it.