the Most interesting myths about healthy lifestyles

Today is very popular to lead a healthy lifestyle. N interpretations of this phenomenon are very different. It is not clear whether harmful products such as salt and sugar. Meat is the basis of life or whether it stands on one step with the poison. In this article we will try to determine where myth and reality.

Myth 1: “you can Not eat after 18.00”

In that case, if you go to bed at 21.00, it is quite reasonable to make the final stage of food consumption at 18.00. But if you go to bed much later, for example after midnight, the dinner at six in the evening not only possible, but necessary to move the NPA later time. The fact that the interval between meals, a healthy person must be at least five hours. From this we conclude that the last meal should be not exactly at 18.00, and just for 4-4,5 hours before bedtime.

Myth 2: “the Use of water is beneficial for the manufacturer”

An adult should drink 1.5 liters of water a day. The coffee tea, soda and other liquids to this numbercannot be worn. The body needs only pure water. There is nobody not a secret that a person consists of water by as much as 80%. And everyone knows that without food we can live for two weeks but without water only three days. In addition, each of us needs to have a clear understanding of what the human body needs is water, not juice or juice. Often what happens is that the body as it sends us the signal of thirst, we do not understand them, and accept the feeling of hunger.


Myth 3: “There are products that can burn fat.

Many of us believe that foods such as pineapple, garlic, papaya is able to burn the fats from the body. However, as we would not want to believe it, it’s not. Fats you can burn only if you spend more energy. And the juices do not in any way promote weight loss because they contains calories even more than in the fruit from which they are produced.


Myth 4: “From the fruit impossible to recover. They are the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle”

You will not believe, but in one kg of grapes calories, 800 less than in the same amount of sausage!!! However, to eat three pounds of sausage at a time very few people under force, but to eat a sprig, by the way the same weight of grapes are many.


Myth 5: “Without the sweet, the brain can stop working”

This understanding is held by many of the company’s production of sweet. They promote it in their commercials. However, useful sweets can be attributed not so much food. Such good chocolate, which has in its composition more than 70% of cocoa beans can be consumed at least every day. But of course do not forget about its caloric content. You can also eat organic marmalade, honey and fruit.


Myth 6: “and sushi Rolls are a low calorie food”

In fact most of them contain in their composition the cheese and mayonnaise. Salmon also has absalyutno nothing to lean fish. So a roll of standard size may have a 500 CL.


Myth 7: “If the package label Lite or 0% fat, it is safe and low-calorie”

It is also as a sweet, pure publicity stunt. If you are going to eat with fat, you can cause serious harm to your health. Products with 0% fat is not able to saturate the body and after a short period of time you eat again.


Myth 8: “Energy drinks safe for the body”

In the composition of energy drinks in huge volume are sugar and caffeine. These products are the first enemies of health!


Myth 9: “Red wine helps to burn weight”

Any alcohol contains so-called empty calories, which in turn greatly increases the appetite. However, in a good red wine contains nutrients such as bioflavonoids, but in spite of this, harmful this drink a lot more.


Myth 10: “separation of power is the key to a healthy lifestyle”

Scientists have proved that it does not matter how you eat. Man is omnivorous, and all the food it consumes, the result is mixed.


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