the Hat trend 2019


One of the main trend accessories is the hat. A true fashionista has long been tried on the image of a lady in a hat.

In ancient times, the hat was a symbol of success, wealth and power. An example is the famous hat of Monomakh. And in the middle ages, the hat became a compulsory subject of every man’s wardrobe. To appear bareheaded in society was unthinkable, shameful. Over time, such ill-manners in the past and hats ceased to be the main part of the image. The return of hats into the everyday life of man – the merit of creative people: artists, fashionistas. Hat acquired the status of a major head of the instrument among the rest, she has become an indicator of taste and status in human society.

the Hat trend 2019

In our time the appearance of women in a non-trivial hat on people is a sign of a creative, extravagant nature. Not everyone will dare to wear this hat. But still a lot of people that want to stand out from the gray mass of colourful hats for your image. Woolen hats worn with coats, hats, felt perfectly with a business suit, a straw are perfect for a trip to the beach or for a walk on a Sunny day. Present a selection of photos of celebrities in hats. Watch and get inspired to create an image for yourself.

New collection Gucci has demonstrated an example of applying bright hat.

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