Smart tart recipe

The recipe is delicious easy and smart cupcake… Why is it SMART and how to cook it, you will learn in this article

Smart – because it’s a wonderful cake in the oven itself! stratified into layers. It turns out the cake with cream in the middle! This smart bundle cupcake is due to the different fat content of the ingredients and conditions of preparation.

Smart cake recipe

We will need:

– baking pan approximately 20×20 (one-piece, all-in-one!), mixer

– 4 eggs

– 125 g butter

– 0,5 liter of milk

– 120 g flour

– 1 tablespoon of water, pinch of salt, half a Cup of sugar(to taste)

– fruit, melted chocolate, condensed milk or powdered sugar for decoration

Then follow a clear algorithm:

1. Take 4 eggs and the whites separated from the yolks.

2. Proteins for 10 minutes, beat with a pinch of salt with a mixer.

3. Melt butter to a liquid state and cool to room temperature.

4. Jedi beat with a mixer with sugar and 1 tablespoon of pure water.

5. A bit of heat 0.5 liters of milk.

6. The cooled oil to pour into the yolks and again beat with a mixer. There slowly add the flour (in 3 doses/times, each time beating well with a mixer). Then pour half of the warmed milk – whisk again for a minute…. Then again pour half the milk and again whisk.

7. Then gently mixed into our mass of beaten egg whites, the movement from top to bottom. Even the “hood”.

8. Form grease with butter and sprinkle top with flour. Preheat the oven.

9. Pour our batter into the form and put in oven on 175 degrees for an hour and a half (I have to look ready, because very much depends on the oven).

10. The finished appearance is browned on top and inside like a little kolyshetsya.

Then left to cool and ukrasit (fruit or condensed milk, chocolate…)

That’s about our smart cake looks like:



Bon appetit!

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