San Francisco hair transplant cost and clinic

If the hair loss is impossible to stop and reverse it, that’s no reason to give up.

San Francisco hair transplant cost

Hair Transplant near San Francisco, California ranges from $15-20 hairline.
All procedure will cost ranges from $2500…..

Best clinic:

1. Blackhawk Plastic Surgery
2. Pacific Plastic Surgery Group
3. Sara Wasserbauer M.D.

Transplantation wholesomest and other ways to help the patient and again to make his life happy. One such way is hair transplantation, i.e., transplantation or engraftment of the hair.

Under this methodology, in most cases practised the transplantation of your own hair. So, for example, is covered with hair together with the hair removed from the nape, and engraftment in the places where hair fell out. All this is done under local anesthesia over several sessions.

Another method is the adaptation of the so-called “mintransporte” and “microtransplantation”. In this form of treatment is withdrawn parcels with boiler cover first separated and then engraftment.

This technique allows to achieve remarkable results engraftment of the hair, for example, in the frontal region, where plant growth is unwanted twisting of the hair. Intransplant consist of 3-5 hair every microtransplanted – 1-2 hair. New hair begins to grow from the roots after about 4-12 weeks.

But hair transplantation involves surgical intervention and should take into account that this method does not exclude certain risks.

These include late bleeding or wound infection, and cosmetic flaws. This means that even in advance should collect comprehensive information, to consult with specialists and find out all, without exception, aspects and details.

San Francisco hair transplant cost and clinic

San Francisco hair transplant cost and clinic

It is also possible “landing” of the artificial hair. Hair that can be perfectly matched to your own and even that can be painted made of synthetic fibers and implanted into the scalp. But there are risks with this method. This can be attributed to broken off hairs, and hardening of the skin of the head, and inflammation. In the most extreme cases artificial hair is again removed.

The hair transplantation for many suffering from hair loss often remains the last opportunity and a way out of the situation. Substitutes of hair can also be output in cases where loss of hair unable to stop. Of course, that this forced measure and is intended only to conceal thinning or hair loss. Here everyone can choose between wigs, hairpieces, caps, or even fashionable turbans or scarves.

But we should not forget that it is best to turn to professionals in this field and do not order wigs from a catalog or the Internet. Even at relatively moderate prices, the disappointment may be so much more.

Masters is working for individual orders, produce the products from skin-friendly and breathable materials and great attention paid to the comfort of wearing. And produces a master wig or the pad only on individual standards, what appears to be the best method.

San Francisco hair transplant cost and clinic


Toupees and wigs have to withstand a lot of stress and firmly hold onto the head – this is especially important for children to not feel limited and constrained.

There are even custom-made wigs, which “grow” with your child.

Substitute hair wigs and lining available in two variants: natural hair and synthetic hair. Which of these options best meets your requirements and expectations, it is better to find out in this personal and detailed conversation-consultation with experts specialized in individual production of wigs.


But do not forget that wigs require constant maintenance and systematic replacement of 1 times in 2 years. Most important – clean the skin, as well as the systematic cleaning of wig, special hair products.

Otherwise there might be a variety of skin diseases, among which prevails dermatitis. Dermatologists recommend using only natural hair wigs, that don’t irritate the skin. However, the cost of such solutions is very decent. The price of natural wigs start at $ 500.e.

But if you think about it, hair transplantation is much more expensive, and in addition, the result from a hair transplant can be unpredictable.


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