How to improve the condition of facial skin?

How to improve the color? What are the masks for skin face? How to monitor the skin so that the coffee was smooth, clean and beautiful… the Answers to these questions in this article…


How to improve the condition of facial skin? – the question of interest to many girls in the age is over 25 (18-20 years don’t often think about it, but in vain…)

There are only three rules, observing that you will have a healthy, clean and radiant skin!


Our skin needs continuous care.

Four cornerstones of this care is cleansing, exfoliation, ovlazhnenie and nutrition.


One should clean the skin every day, morning and evening. Washing means for washing, or in extreme cases with soap and water. You can substitute wiping the skin with cleansing milk, tonic or lotion.


2-4 times a month you need to spend oschelacivanie dead skin cells in order ChibiUsa skin was clean and soft. Without exfoliation you are unlikely to improve your complexion. Exfoliation should be done with the scrubs. You can purchase, and you can prepare yourself (for example, kofina grounds + cleanser).


Our skin also requires regular hydration and nutrition. After cleansing, lubricate the skin moisturizing or nourishing cream or you can draw the appropriate face masks. Hydration skin needs especially in summer, and in the diet in winter.



Unfortunately, if you constantly eat junk food, your skin, even if complex care is far from ideal.

For the health of your skin to reduce the consumption of fatty and fried foods and to include in the diet is useful for skin products.

Good for skin foods: fish, lean boiled meat beef and chicken, seafood, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, Vovsi and fruits, grain cereals, nuts.

In addition, it is necessary to limit the intake of sugar and salt.

And, do not forget that you need to drink 1.5 liters of pure spring water daily for a healthy body and moisturize skin from the inside. In addition, the lack of water in the body causes premature aging of the skin…



Not unimportant factor for healthy skin is an fresh air and rest.

If you sleep less than 7 hours a day and go to bed after 23 and with all this, you’re not 18 years… then all of this will quickly affect your skin.

And of course the lack of fresh air, walking in the street also affect your skin and Oan will be earthy. So if you want to improve skin condition – walk more often.


Of course, still affect the skin condition of disease, stress, bad habits… But it’s obvious…

And you, dear readers, I wish to have radiant and beautiful skin!


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