Hand Made ideas

Again about Hand Made ideas for creative people on this website not enough:)

Hand Made ideas

I have to say to avoid further confusion – these Hand Made ideas I found on the Internet at various foreign sites. Collecting more than one day. Found something and liked it – kept daddy… That’s it for the month gathered here is a selection.

Start with ideas for remaking clothes…

1.Hand Made ideas – stripe

I really like the different nishiwaki interesting. For example, on the elbows. Pomoshu with the same stripes you can transform any boring thing.

If you think about it – you can do this fairly easily…

and it turns cool, original way:

Here’s what you can do in the same way:

2. Hand Made idea – “bullying” over the t-shirts and blouses in the form of slits on the sleeves…

You will need only scissors, free time and desire.

But these slots are only decorated with pearls on the blouse:

or these are the “coopelesca”,

… so cut with scissors:

4. Hand Made idea – stitched pieces of lace as shoulder straps

5. Hand Made idea – fashion embroidered collar.

To do them very easily. We will need thread, needle and sequins.

7. Hand Made idea – decor scallop handkerchief

7. Hand Made ideas for the alteration of shoes

Painted sneakers

Decoration sandals brooches

Fashionable colorful spouts on shoes

I hope you liked my selection.

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